Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Update 7-1-2013

Custom ROMs For BLU Quattro 4.5 

Disclaimer: These ROMs/Recoveries are only intended for the BLU Quattro 4.5, or the K-Touch v9(which is the chinese version) These WILL NOT work on the 4.5HD or 5.7HD devices(I will release ROMs/Recoveries specifically for your device at a later time)

Drivers: https://copy.com/BUMmsS9rhLJe

English Recovery: https://copy.com/XZxTDht2lQiz

Gapps(4.2) https://copy.com/utkbZgwRpsVB

Gapps(4.1) https://copy.com/pSd8SsqU9pdI

NOTE: These ROMs are quite old now. If you would like more ROMs/Frequent updates, please join my Google+ community: https://plus.google.com/communities/117846429749085694805

ROMs With Less Bugs:
MIUI v5 (4.1) https://copy.com/sbmcN6PHwFfi
CM/AOKP Hybrid? JB (4.1) https://copy.com/VeLz1VLbkNNI
Shendu ROM 4.1(Modified/Tweaked by me) https://copy.com/NwiFnlO8JAek

ROMs With More Bugs:  
Cyanogenmod 10.1 (4.2) https://copy.com/8kt2EAU2ll8y

1- Download the drivers from link posted above, and extract it to the folder of your desire. Now turn the phone off, and hold Vol+(volume up button) and Power button at the same time until you see a green screen, then release both buttons immediately. You should now be in APX mode(nvflash) it will be a black screen

2- Connect phone to computer via usb cable. Now you should get a pop-up window about installing drivers, you're going to want to choose to browse computer for driver software manually. Then choose let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer, and click have disk. Now you're going to browse to the location where you extracted the drivers to, and click on it(Ignore warning if it pops up, and choose install)

3- Assuming everything went as planned, now download the recovery and extract it to the location you desire(must be in a directory that you can issue adb commands from) inside of that folder, locate a file named recovery.bat. Double click on that file and a command prompt with a bunch of chinese pops up. Give it a second and press enter, it will go through the process and flash a recovery onto your phone

4- After everything is done, hold down the power button for about ten seconds(until the device powers off) Power the device back on normally, and download the ROM/ROMs if you haven't already and place them on the internal or external sd card(your choice) With device connected to pc, open command prompt and type in "adb reboot recovery" (without quotes) and the device will boot into recovery mode

5- Now that we have an English recovery, the translations below aren't really needed. However, I'm going to leave them up for a few days, just until everybody can transition to the English recovery. They will be deleted after that!

Recovery Main Menu:
-Install zip from SD card
-Wipe Data/Factory Reset
-Wipe Cache partition
-Mounts and Storage

Install From SD Card Menu:
-Install zip from external SD
-Apply /sdcard/update.zip
-Toggle Signature Verification(Needs to be verified)
-Install zip from internal SD

Backup&Restore Menu:
-Delete(Needs to be verified)
-Advanced Restore(Needs to be verified)
-The rest need to be confirmed

Advanced Menu:
-Reboot Recovery
-Wipe Dalvik Cache
-Report Error(Needs verification)
-Key Test(Needs verification)
-Show Log(Needs verification)
-Fix Permissions(Needs verification)

To install ROM- In recovery mode, Factory Reset/Wipe Cache/Wipe Dalvik Cache. Then choose install zip from sd card(then choose internal or external and locate the ROM you want to install) After that you need to do the same thing to install the gapps package(you need the gapps package for google apps to function) once all is done, reboot and wait(it takes a while to boot the first time after flashing new ROMs, it has to rebuild the Dalvik cache)

NOTE: (Chinese Recovery) In case you aren't familiar with flashing ROMs, once you click on something( "backup" for example) a menu pops up pretty much asking you if you're sure you want to do that. It will have a bunch of lines of the same thing(which is no) and then one of the lines will have a bunch of writing beside it(which means yes). Also BEFORE you flash any ROMs, make sure you factory reset/wipe cache/and wipe dalvik cache, then you can flash the ROM and gapps package

***I no longer have this device, but I constantly do my best to provide ROMs and updates, and I'm always around and willing to help people out. The Google+ community will be updated/checked MUCH more frequently, so please join the community if you would like to stay up to date, or if you have any questions/concerns